A Disney bedroom and household 😍

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My Daughter and her family have just moved house and, being a Disney Nanny, I offered to do the girls bedroom – well I chose things while Grandad did the hard work.

Firstly Chip asked for an Ariel bedroom and then a Rapunzel one. I was very relieved when she said she wanted one with all the princesses as it was proving hard to find any Ariel bedding or accessories. I love the wallpaper so much, and Chip loves to lay in bed and point out all the princesses. She was so excited when she managed to spot Chip and Dale hiding on there.

We were telling some friends about the new house and I said that I would love to have a Disney bedroom and my husband said not a chance, there is already enough Disney in our house. I argued they there was hardly any until I got home and took a look around.

I couldn’t deny that I have a mug obsession, I bring at least one back from every trip. When I hadn’t realised how many other Disney items had sneaked their way into every room in the house.

Did I subconsciously choose red and white spots for my kitchen so it is Minnie Mouse related? It certainly wasn’t planned, I just liked them.

Looking around the house, there are Disneyland photos everywhere, tea towels, bowls and ornaments. I had no idea just how much until he pointed it out.

My favourite item is the gorgeous Minnie Mouse ornament that my husband bought me. I saw it in the little shop next to the Art of Animation in the studios and fell in love with it. My husband said it was a ridiculous price and just walked away. When we got back to the hotel, it was in my room! I still have no idea how he managed it. I think he must have nipped to the loo and actually gone and bought it and had it sent back to the hotel. I still don’t know how it got to be in the room though as usually items sent back to the hotel are taken to the hotel shop, however it got there and I love it!

I am not someone who would ever walk round wearing Disney clothes or dressing up, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not me. I do, however, have a good collection of Disney pyjamas, socks and slippers, usually bought in Primark. I also have a Cath Kidston bag that is red with white spots that I call my Minnie bag.

I would love to hear about your favourite Disney items or collections.

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