Disneyland Paris for fussy eaters


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This is an area that I have personal experience of, my son is the worlds fussiest eater. He only likes very plain food – pizza, pasta with plain tomato sauce, jacket potatoes with cheese, cheese burgers (are you picking up on the cheese theme yet?) chicken nuggets etc.

Chip, age 3, is similar with her eating habits but I am very much hoping she will get more adventurous as she gets older.

Disneyland with a toddler who is fussy isn’t that difficult, we took lots of snacks and luckily she loves pain au chocolate, which made breakfast easy, and all the buffets restaurants had chicken nuggets!

For fussy eaters I would make sure that you have a look at the restaurant menus in advance so that you have a rough idea of where you will find something they like. Most of the restaurants are happy to adjust things slightly if you ask, my son had the children’s menu in Chez Remy, but paid the adult price.

The counter service restaurants offer good portion sizes and you can buy individual items, it doesn’t have to be a full meal.

Some of our favourite counter service restaurants are:

  • Casey’s Corner – hotdogs, chicken nuggets and fries
  • Colonel Hathis – pizza, pasta, lasagne (kids Mickey pizzas are amazing)
  • Cowboy Cookout – ribs, burgers, chicken (you can ask for it plain with no sauce)
  • Bella Norte – pizza, pasta, lasagne
  • Hakuna Matata – chicken strips,
  • Fuente del Oro – loaded fries, chicken fajitas, beef enchiladas
  • Market House Deli – sandwiches, wraps, salads and cakes
  • Victoria’s – sandwiches, wraps and cakes
  • Last Chance Cafe – chicken nuggets, sausage and fries, chicken wings, chilli
  • Toad Hall – fish and chips
  • Cafe Hyperion – burgers, chicken burgers, fries

The buffet restaurants offer a nice selection of foods. They all have a salad bar, most have a seafood selection, hot dishes (usually meat and fish in different sauces, vegetables etc. They all have a small children’s selection, that anyone can eat, with different things including meatballs, fish or chicken nuggets, pizza.

The dessert sections in the buffets are lovely and if you ask the staff for ice cream they have a selection of cornettos and tubs of ice creams. You can ask to have a look at the buffet before you pay to make sure there is plenty that your fussy eater will like. We paid 70 euros for my son to eat pizza at Inventions!

If all else fails, there is MacDonalds in the Disney Village and also Earl of Sandwich, which make sandwiches to order so you can choose your fillings.

Taking snacks with you for fussy eaters to fall back on is a good option. There are also two shops close to the parks. The first is the Relay shop in the train station and the other is at the garage outside the Santa Fe hotel. Both have a good range of snacks and drinks.

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1 thought on “Disneyland Paris for fussy eaters”

  1. Helen Brown says:

    I and coeliac. Breakfast I will take with me even though we as a family are going standard half board. Dinner at buffet restaurants again see no problem. But snacking or lunch yes. Where can I grab a sandwich or a light lunch that will not cost a fortune. The last day does not cover meal plan and we leave Disney late/early evening .

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