Avoiding queuing at Disneyland Paris

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Everybody hates queuing but it’s impossible to avoid completely. I have got a few tips on how to reduce the amount of time wasted in queues.

The best tip is to avoid weekends and school holidays but for many people this just isn’t possible so following a few of these tips might help.


Several of the more popular rides have fastpass machines. All you need to do is enter your park ticket, or annual pass, into the machine and it will give you a card showing your time to return.

When you return, you enter the ride through the fastpass entrance, jumping the main queue.

Hotel fastpasses are slightly different, these are tickets given to guests staying at club level or in suites in Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay and Hotel New York. These are also given to guests if the Disneyland Hotel. These are used in the same way and allow guests to use the fastpass queues.

Costume Pixie Dust

It is a fairly well known secret that families with children, in costumes relating to the ride, are often allowed to queue jump the ride. This often happens on Peter Pan’s flight, Buzz Lightyear’s laser blast, Snow White and on the Toy Story rides in the Walt Disney Studios.

We have done this many times with Chip, dressed as Tinkerbelle,on Peter Pan’s flight, and in her Jessie costume on Buzz and Slinky Dog. Please note this is not guaranteed, it is Pixie Dust, so shouldn’t be relied on.

Timing rides well

Going on rides when the parade is on usually means less queues, as the majority of the guests will be on the parade route. The same goes for after the parade when many people leave the parks to eat in the Disney Village.

Avoid the most popular rides in the afternoons and instead spend the time watching the shows or exploring Adventureland.

If there is one particular ride you really want to do, heading straight for it when the parks open is advisable. This is particularly useful for Crush’s Coaster as this doesn’t have a fastpass.

Extra magic hours

If you are staying in a Disney Hotel or have an Annual Pass you can enter the parks earlier than the general public. Only a small selection of rides are open but there are also characters to meet and the Princess Pavilion is open too.

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