Different ways to travel to Disneyland Paris

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I am often asked by people what the best way to travel to Disneyland Paris is and, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Each way has its positives and negatives but hopefully this guide will help you find the best option for you.


Travelling by car has real advantages but can be very tiring depending on where you live. It is great if you have a big family as is much cheaper than paying per person to fly or on the train. It is also great for travelling with young children as you can stop whenever you like and can fill the boot with as much equipment as you want.

Even once you have decided to drive there are more decisions to make – ferry or channel tunnel?

The ferry can be good if you have a long journey and want a break. There are onboard restaurants and duty free restaurants and seating areas to have a rest.

The channel tunnel is my preferred method of crossing the channel if driving. I love how easy it is to drive onto the train, sit and wait in your car and drive off again in France around half an hour later.

There are other costs to incorporate when pricing up the cost of driving including petrol, toll fees and the legally required equipment for driving in France which includes headlight beam defectors, warning triangle, reflective jackets, GB stickers and spare bulbs.

On a positive note, the French motorways are a dream to drive on and tend to be far less busy than motorways in the UK. They also have plenty of nice service stations and picnic places along the way. The journey takes around 3 hours once in France.


Eurostar is my favourite way to travel to Disneyland Paris. It is so quick and simple. It is cheapest to book as soon as the prices are released, which I believe is around 6 months in advance. We have travelled many times for £72 return per person with under 4’s travelling free, although they are not guaranteed a seat. The seats are very wide and there is room for a little one in the middle, however, we have always been lucky enough to have spare seats around us.

If the prices are too high it is always worth looking at the indirect Eurostar which changes at Lille or Paris, these tickets are only released 90 days in advance but are often cheaper than the direct service.

If travelling from St Pancras please take into account the difficulties of driving and parking in London. My preferred place to board the Eurostar is Ebbsfleet as it is closest to home, but is also so easy to park at.

The other benefit of Eurostar is that the train takes you directly to Disneyland. As soon as you walk out of the station, you can see the Disney Village and the coach station with the shuttle buses to the hotels.


I have never actually flown to Disneyland because we do not live close to any airports, and also, the airports that are closest to us (humberside and Sheffield/Doncaster) do not have cheap flights to Paris.

Many of the cheap airlines fly to Paris and you may be able to get a real bargain but please take into account that you then need to pay for transfers to Disneyland.

There are various options for making the transfer including private hire transfers which cost approximately 150 euros. Cheaper options include catching the Magic Shuttle coach which costs 23 euros per adult and 10 euros per child. The final option is the TGV train which runs to Marne La Vallee station.

Each method of travel has its own benefits so is a personal choice. The most important part is that all methods lead you to the most magical place I know!

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