Disney at Primark

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It is well known that Primark is one of the leading retailers for Disney related products. They now have their new nightwear range on sale, and it hasn’t disappointed.

I couldn’t resist buying these new pyjamas for the girls and thought I would share them as they look so cute.

Both are lovely and soft and warm for the cold winter nights, and look gorgeous too. At the bargain price of £10, the Thumper onesie will make an excellent costume, for our December trip to Disneyland.

Hopping with Thumper was one of Chip’s favourite moments last Christmas. I bought her age 3-4 and it is plenty big enough to pop it on top of Chip’s clothes, so that she can hop with Thumper like a real bunny.

Although the girls seemed to really like their pyjamas, they weren’t quite as keen on having their photos taken – can you spot them in their hiding place?

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