Disneyland Paris with babies and toddlers


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Visiting Disneyland Paris with a baby or toddler can be quite daunting. Being prepared is the key to a successful trip and hopefully, this will be of help to you.

Lots of people will probably tell you that there is no point taking little ones, they certainly said that to me the first time I took Chip. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Disney for toddlers is magical!


Children under 3 can enter the parks for free. I have never been asked for any proof of age but if your child is particularly big, I might suggest taking a photocopy of their passport.

Under 3’s also stay for free in Disney hotels.

Pushchair Hire

The pushchairs for hire in the parks are not suitable for babies as they do not lay back and do not come with rain covers.

Personally i would always take my own pushchair, or buy a cheap buggy just for the trip. If you do take your own pushchair, it is advisable to take a bike lock to chain it up, as they are left outside a lot.

If you do find yourself struggling with a tired child and want to hire a pushchair, the hire shop is just to the left when you enter the parks and pass underneath the archway. Pushchair hire costs 20 euros per day plus a returnable deposit. Hire shop

Baby carrier/sling

I would highly recommend using a baby carrier or sling for your trip. We don’t use one at home but bought a cheap second hand one just to use on the trip.

Holding a wriggling baby in queues is exhausting. We also used it on rides and in queues, though the cast members insist on them being used world facing for safety reasons.


Children under 3 can eat for free in the buffet restaurants. In other restaurants you can either pay for a children’s meal or they can eat off your plate.

If you ask in the buffet restaurants and table service restaurants, they will give you jars of baby food for free.

All restaurants have highchairs to use, however, they are not ideal for smaller babies due to being quite large and not padded, but we did manage ok.

Baby Care Centres

In each park there is a baby care centre. This photo is the one in the main Disneyland Park.

Inside the baby care is a warm and comfortable room with seating, high chairs and a microwave. There is also a separate room with toilet cubicles and baby changing areas.

This building is also the home to the lost children department.

Pushchairs have to be left outside so please remember to take your bags in with you.

There are a small amount of baby products for sale within the baby care centre, but the choice is very limited, and expensive. It is much better to bring your baby items with you if you can, or to use the supermarket at Val D’Europe, which is one stop away on the train.

Baby Switch

Many people are surprised at just how many rides you can take a baby on. Our baby Tink, at 6 months old, went on lots of rides including Small World, Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast and even Pirates of the Caribbean!

For the rides unsuitable for a baby, or if baby is sleeping, you can baby switch. To do this, one adult queues and goes on the ride as normal, they have to ask the Cast Member on the ride for a baby switch ticket. When they get off the ride, the other parent then goes on the ride via the exit and doesn’t have to queue. It is great if you have an older child with you as they can ride twice.

You will find packing help for travelling with babies in the ‘before you go’ section of the menu.

Just remember, your child might not remember every second of the trip but you will, and they will have a great time.

This video was taken of Chip aged 18 month, she doesn’t remember it but does love watching the videos.

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