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You have heard of the famous 5, well this is the favourite 5. I am interested to share with you my favourite 5 things to do at Disneyland Paris and would love to know what yours are.

1. The Parade

Yes it’s an obvious one, but you can’t visit Disneyland Paris without seeing the parade. I must admit that I am still missing Magic on Parade, but the new Stars on Parade is spectacular, especially the Dragon.

2. Mickey and the Magician

I cannot praise this show enough, it is truly fantastic. It is easily West End quality and features favourites like Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King, Frozen and Aladdin. It is only set to run until January 2018, I really hope this is extended and that it becomes a permanent feature.

3. Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is great, Big Thunder Mountain in the dark is one of the best things ever! I love this ride, the theming is brilliant and the ride itself is such fun. Seeing the park, particularly the castle, lit up at night as you ride is amazing!

4. Illuminations

This should say watching Illuminations with a good view. I hate having hundreds of heads blocking my view so try to get a good spot by getting there early. If you don’t want to wait at the front for hours, my tip is to try and get a spot behind the railings of the flower beds so nobody can stand directly in front of you. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Chip and Dale

No trip for me is compete without a visit to my favourite chipmunks. I just love them. They are the highlight of every trip and never fail to be hilariously funny and mischievous 🙂 I would love to know what your top 5 things to do are and if they are the same as mine.Caroline

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1 thought on “Favourite 5”

  1. Niamh DC says:

    My fav part is the princess pavilions & the pics of my daughter meeting the princesses are amazing the PhotoPass photographer caught every magic moment

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