Keeping children occupied while queuing at Disneyland Paris


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It is impossible to avoid queuing when visiting a theme park and Disneyland Paris is no different. There are, however, some handy tips to make queuing less stressful.

  • Snacks – queuing is the perfect time to have a drink and a snack
  • Bubbles – obviously it depends where the queue is, and how tight space is, but bubbles are brilliant for the outside character queues especially
  • Crayons and notepad or mini drawing toy/megasketcher
  • Looking at the queue theming – mickeys house has cartoons playing, buzz ride has a talking buzz etc
  • iPad/phone with cartoons on
  • Looking at photos already taken on digital camera or phones
  • Playing games – I spy, guessing games, count the Mickey ears
  • New toys – we bought a spinning light up toy that was played with in queues for days!

I was actually amazed at how well little ones seemed to cope with the queues.

It is lovely to see how easily children make new friends and interact, even when they speak different languages.

If all else had failed, we pulled out the Mickey lollies, because she doesn’t normally have lollies at home they are a real treat and take ages to eat. Just don’t forget the baby wipes for sticky fingers!

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1 thought on “Keeping children occupied while queuing at Disneyland Paris”

  1. Shaun says:

    Great tips! No shortage of distractions at this place!

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