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I thought for my first proper post I would share a few of my favourite videos and photos of our little Chip’s mutual love with Chip and Dale. It all started on our first trip when she was 18 months old. She was just so excited to see them and was clapping and doing a happy dance, it was brilliant. They ended up picking her and and carrying her around which she loved! Little did I know of how this relationship would blossom over our next few visits and would finally result in me becoming a blogger!

It was on our next trip, 6 months later, that Chip really showed her cheeky side and was caught on video for the first time. This video is only short but chip actually spent so long playing with Chip and Dale that I was starting to feel embarrassed that people were waiting. She must have made an impression as cast members, later in the trip, remembered her and made a real fuss of her.

I love this photo, it’s not posed, as you can see, we were just walking passed and the chipmunks spotted her and left their meeting spot to run and see her again. She was only just turned 2 years old but got so much happiness from this trip.

Just 3 months later we returned in December and were now the proud owners of a chipmunk costume, that I had scoured the country for. After checking eBay on a daily basis for months, I finally bought one after begging on the Disneyland Facebook pages for someone to sell me one as you cannot buy one anywhere.

The interaction was fantastic and ended with Chip being ‘stolen’ by her new friend Dale and going for a walk, picking leaves and taking no notice of the Cast Member trying to stop them disappearing 😂. This video was shared over a thousand times on Facebook after I posted it on one of the Disneyland Facebook pages. And so the chipmunk adventures began!

In May of this year it was time for a chipmunk reunion. Chip had talked so much about how she was going to go for a walk with her friends again that I was genuinely worried that if she just had a quick cuddle and a photo like normal that she would be heartbroken. I shouldn’t have worried, my Cast Member friends were aware that we were coming and the 3 chipmunks had a wonderful reunion. Chip was even given a little chipmunk toy, which she treasures. She has even kept the leaf that Dale gave her in her treasure box.

This trip was also the first trip since baby Tink was born. Chip clearly didn’t want to share her time with the chipmunks and kept saying to her Mummy that she should leave Tink in the pushchair as she would be scared haha.

next visit is in December and is our first Nanny and Chip only trip. We are meeting up with my lovely Cast Member friend and her gorgeous little girl who is the same age as Chip and they have managed to get a matching costume so the chipmunk antics are about to increase – I cannot wait!

To be continued ……….

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