Month: October 2017

Inventions Restaurant

Inventions is the name of the restaurant situated inside the Disneyland Hotel. It is a luxury buffet with characters. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat you can enjoy your meal with a view of the park. The decor is really interesting and is full of ‘Inventions’ – hence the name. The […]

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Information for Disabled Guests and Carers

As well as being a Disneyland addict, wife, Mum and Nanny, I also have a day job. For the past 16 years I have worked as a Community Support Worker for a fabulous charity called Linkage Community Trust. I have been privileged to make 3 visits to Disneyland Paris in a work capacity and hope […]

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Packing list for a Disneyland Paris trip

Packing for a holiday is stressful, I always worry that I have forgotten something. Hopefully this list will be helpful to you. If you have any other ideas, that I haven’t thought of, I would love to hear them. Obviously the amount you can pack depends on how you are travelling. Travelling by car is […]

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Disneyland Paris booking help and tips


This is by far the subject I get asked about most often, and is not an easy question to answer.  The best way to book completely depends on the person booking and their needs and wants.  I am sure other bloggers might give different advice but I will do my best to give you the […]

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Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust at Disneyland Paris is a phrase that means anything special, and usually unexpected, that makes the trip more magical and spreads some happiness. It comes from the quote “faith, trust and pixie dust” from Peter Pan. Pixie Dust can so many different things. Most people associate it with a room upgrade, items left […]

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Films to watch before a Disneyland Paris visit

I am often asked who people can expect to meet at Disneyland Paris and what films to watch so that children (and parents) are more familiar with the different characters.  Firstly, I would say that it doesn’t always matter if you don’t know who a character is, one of our most special times was with […]

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A Disney bedroom and household 😍

My Daughter and her family have just moved house and, being a Disney Nanny, I offered to do the girls bedroom – well I chose things while Grandad did the hard work. Firstly Chip asked for an Ariel bedroom and then a Rapunzel one. I was very relieved when she said she wanted one with […]

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Different ways to travel to Disneyland Paris

I am often asked by people what the best way to travel to Disneyland Paris is and, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Each way has its positives and negatives but hopefully this guide will help you find the best option for you. DRIVING Travelling by car has real advantages but can be very tiring […]

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Flynn and Rapunzel

I saw this post earlier today and it made me smile so thought I would share it on here. So I am in the first category of those that call him Flynn, and he’s also my guilty Disney crush! We have met Flynn a few times and each time he has been hilarious – after […]

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Disneyland Paris in the winter months

While I am a Disneyland addict, my husband cannot stand big crowds and queues. Disneyland at peak times is just his idea of hell which is why I usually send him fishing and go with family or friends. He does, however, like Disneyland in the quiet winter months so I thought I would write a […]

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