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Pixie Dust at Disneyland Paris is a phrase that means anything special, and usually unexpected, that makes the trip more magical and spreads some happiness. It comes from the quote “faith, trust and pixie dust” from Peter Pan.

Pixie Dust can so many different things. Most people associate it with a room upgrade, items left in the room such as drinks, chocolate coins or soft toys but it really can be anything that makes your stay more magical.

We have been lucky enough to have pixie dust sprinkled our way several times. In 16 trips we have had pixie dust left in our rooms on 3 occasions. Once we had bottles of water and chocolate coins, another time we had an Olaf soft toy left on each of the beds and on our last trip we had special 25th anniversary bottles of coke left in the room along with some chocolate coins.

We were also pixie dusted some half board meal vouchers which meant we ate a fabulous meal for free and have been lucky enough to have a friend let us use her discount card in shops and restaurants.

While these gifts of pixie dust all made me really happy, the ones that have stayed with me the most are the times that Cast Members have gone above and beyond to make our trip magical. The interaction we have had from Chip and Dale each time has been truly magical and Dale giving our little chip her ‘treasure box’ with a little Dale toy and photo was unbelievable and we will treasure it always.

Pixie Dust doesn’t have to be a gift, it can just be a happy memory. One of my favourite pixie dust memories is Chip playing and dancing with her friends and Cast Members outside the Castle Stage. It was so special and so unexpected and was a true sprinkling of pixie dust and Disney magic.

As if that experience wasn’t enough, the girls were given a pixie dust voucher to choose a soft toy and Chip chose a stitch toy that she sleeps with – truly magical!

After being on the receiving end of Pixie Dust so many times, I always try to spread a little too. I have given people hotel fastpasses and meal vouchers before and always try to give advice to those who need help.

I always make a point of going to City Hall and leaving good feedback for those special Cast Members who have made our trip extra magical. For our December trip I plan on taking some bags of sweets for Chip to hand out as Pixie Dust to say thank you.

Have you received any Pixie Dust or had any special experiences? I would to hear about them in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Pixie Dust”

  1. Mrs P Watts says:

    This is very helpful for anyone going to Disneyland Paris.

  2. Julie Johnston says:

    We’ve had loads of pixie dust as well, which has been lovely. We got an upgrade in the shoreline time, from the lodges to the main hotel. And when it was Peter’s 21st, they left toys in the room

    1. admin says:

      Ahh thats lovely, its such a lovely surprise when pixie dust happens

  3. Niamh DC says:

    We had a guest give us vouchers for afternoon snack that she didn’t have time to use
    We were delighted with free donuts & hot chocolate while waiting on the parade

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