Christmas Pixie Dust

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This morning we have been busy making little bags of Pixie Dust for Chip to give to Cast Members on our Christmas trip. Cast Members work very hard and have been the reason for some of our most treasured memories.

One of the things Cast Members often say they miss the most is Cadburys Chocolate, English tea bags and even Heinz baked beans. I thought we might look a bit silly handing out tins of beans, so we went for the chocolates.

I bought the little gift bags and personalised stickers from Ebay, and bought a couple of tubs of Cadbury’s Heroes from the supermarket.

Not only is a lovely thing to say thank you to the Cast Members, but it is also a really enjoyable thing to do with your little ones.

Chip loved putting the chocolates in the bags and putting the stickers on. She even managed to sample a few to make sure they were good enough to share!

I imagine it would be a great way to encourage shy children to interact more with characters and Cast Members as it would give them an ‘ice breaker’ and something to talk about.

It is also a great way to build excitement for upcoming trips.

We have been very fortunate to have been on the receiving end of Pixie Dust several times so am really excited to give a little back!

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