Toy Story at Disneyland Paris


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Toy Story has been a favourite in our house since 1996 when my then 2 year old son watched the film for the first time. This led to the crazy search for a talking Buzz Lightyear’s for Christmas that year.

21 years later, Toy Story is just as popular with my Grandaughters. We love the fact that the film features heavily at Disneyland Paris in both parks.


Buzz can be found in the Walt Disney Studios on a regular basis. He can be found in Toon Studios and is great fun. He is usually found in the mornings.

Woody can be found in both parks. He is often in the main park near Cowboy Cookout in Frontierland in the mornings. He can then be found at Toon Studios in the Walt Disney Studios most afternoons.

He is one of our favourite characters to meet. We always find that if you are dressed in a Toy Story related costume, the interaction is even more special.

Jessie can often be found near Cowboy Cookout in Frontierland in the afternoons. It isn’t always on the schedule, but we have met her there lots of times. She too, is great fun and picked Chip up and carried her around like she was a baby Jessie!


In the main Disneyland Park there is Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Blast. It is one of our favourite rides and is suitable for all ages. It is a fun ride where you have to shoot targets to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg.

There is a whole Toy Story area in the Walt Disney Studios called Toy Story Playland. The theming is fantastic with even the fencing and lighting being made to look like it is made of toys.

Slinky Dog is another of our favourite rides. You sit in a giant slinky dog that goes round a track, similar to a children’s run away train. It is great fun and very popular.

The Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop is exactly as it sounds, it is a ride that goes up and down like you are in a parachute. It is very popular but does have a fastpass facility.

RC Racer is the final ride in Toy Story Playland and is definitely a thrill ride. It follows the same theme as a pirate ship ride but is themed as you are in the RC car from toy story going backwards and forwards on a track. It is very fast and quite high and is great fun if you like scary rides!


There is a lovely toy story section in the parade where you can see the characters. The float is simply amazing and is a must see for all visitors.

The parade is on daily, usually at 5.30pm but please check the schedule as this can change depending on the season.

Tip: If your little one is dressed as a toy story character, they might possibly, if you are lucky, be allowed to jump the queue as Pixie Dust from the Cast Member on duty.

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  1. This is great! Took me back to Disneyland Hong Kong where they also have Toy Story Land and I loved it!

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