Month: December 2017

Explorers Hotel Disneyland Paris

The Explorers hotel is one of the partner hotels at Disneyland Paris. It is a short shuttle bus ride away from the parks and is a popular hotel amongst visitors. The hotel has an amazing swimming pool, with water slides and pirate ship, a soft play area and a Disney Store. There is a strict […]

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Merry Disney Christmas

I would just like to take a few minutes to wish you all a very happy Christmas. There has been a real Disney theme running through our house this Christmas. Presents have included a fabulous Beauty and the Beast dolls house and lots of the Cath Kidston disney range. My favourite has to be my […]


Forever Jootsies – The hand painted Joot bag company (review)

About a month ago, I received a beautifully hand painted Chip and Dale bag to review. I knew exactly where and when to review it, as we had a trip to Disneyland Paris planned. This was to be my 20th trip, and my Grandaugher Chip’s 5th trip. We have had some very special interaction from […]


A magical chip and Dale encounter

Something very special happened yesterday. We were in Disneyland Paris and had a date with the main chipmunks themselves. Chip was extremely tired so I was a little nervous about seeing them in case she wasn’t as excited as she usually is. I shouldn’t have worried, she had the best time ever. Or in her […]

Trip reports and stories

Trip report day 3

We met our friends in the foyer of the Disneyland Hotel in time for the parks opening and headed in for a full day. Firstly we took photos under the Christmas tree and then headed into fantasyland to do some rides. The parks seemed fairly quiet and before long we had been on the carousel, […]

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Trip report day 2

As always, the plan to get up early and make it to the parks for opening time didn’t work out. When the parks opened at 8.30am, Chip was still fast asleep! I decided it was better to arrive later than have her tired and grumpy. Breakfast was good, although we rushed as wanted to get […]

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Trip report day 1

Today has mostly been travelling and but I will do a short trip report anyway. We arrived at Ebbsfleet station around 8.30am, it turned out to be a little too early as was through passport control and security within minutes. Better to be early than late though, and Chip played really nicely, and made new […]


Annette’s Diner

Annette’s diner is in the Disney Village and is an American Diner. If you are lucky, you might be served by waiters on roller skates. We are here using plus standard half board vouchers and found the food to be of good quality and large portions. I must say the service was really quite slow, […]

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