A magical chip and Dale encounter


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Something very special happened yesterday. We were in Disneyland Paris and had a date with the main chipmunks themselves.

Chip was extremely tired so I was a little nervous about seeing them in case she wasn’t as excited as she usually is. I shouldn’t have worried, she had the best time ever. Or in her own words she said “that was so much fun”.

She often talks about how she had gone for walks with her friends Chip and Dale before. Yet again, she was given fantastic interaction and memories that will last a lifetime.

After tonnes of photos and cuddles, the Chipmunks decided to steal her – and she didn’t care at all! In fact, she didn’t even look back.

Dale then sent big Chip away as he had found a new replacement. It was very funny and they gathered quite a large audience.

We have had some fantastic interaction on this trip but this cheeky duo did a great job of reminding us why they are our favourites.

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1 thought on “A magical chip and Dale encounter”

  1. Emily says:

    This is soooo cute!!! I hope My child cooperates let’s me dress him up in costumes too

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