Annette’s Diner

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Annette’s diner is in the Disney Village and is an American Diner. If you are lucky, you might be served by waiters on roller skates.

We are here using plus standard half board vouchers and found the food to be of good quality and large portions. I must say the service was really quite slow, but we didn’t mind as we weren’t in a hurry.

The menu is photographed below:

With the plus half board vouchers we had a soft drink, starter, burger and chips and desert.

Quesadilla starter

50/50 burger and chips

Chocolate Fudge Cake and Cream

This restaurant cannot be booked in advance. We got a table within a few minutes of arriving when we went around 6pm, but they were queueing out of the doors by the time we left.

Overall I was happy with the restaurant and would eat there again. The only negative point was the slow service.

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