Explorers Hotel Disneyland Paris

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The Explorers hotel is one of the partner hotels at Disneyland Paris. It is a short shuttle bus ride away from the parks and is a popular hotel amongst visitors.

The hotel has an amazing swimming pool, with water slides and pirate ship, a soft play area and a Disney Store.

There is a strict rules that men/boys must wear proper swimming trunks/Lycra shorts. This is common amongst French hotels and is to avoid people using the pool wearing shorts they have been wearing outside.

Breakfast is included at the Explorers hotel, which makes staying there good value, as you how have to pay extra for breakfast in the onsite hotels. Breakfast is continental and has a good range of croissants, pain au chocolate, bread rolls, ham, cheese, fruit, yoghurts and cereal. You can also order hot items at a small cost.

There is a buffet restaurant and a pizza place, both open in the evenings, as well as a bar area.

There are also several vending machines in the corridors leading to the bedrooms for any snacks and drinks you wish to purchase.

I booked a double room for myself and Chip and was pleasantly surprised to find our room had a double bed and bunk beds. We were very happy with the room, the beds were comfortable and the room was modern and clean.

The Explorers hotel is ideal for larger families as the different room combinations can sleep up to 10 people.

Another positive point is the English TV channels. I know we don’t go to Disneyland to watch TV, but it was nice to lie in bed and watch TV for a little while before going to sleep.

Overall, I was very happy with the hotel and would definitely stay there again. As an annual pass holder, I don’t need a package including tickets, so booking an offsite hotel often works out cheaper for me.

The only negative point I experienced was how busy the shuttle buses were. Early in the mornings and after park closing time they get very very busy, and I didn’t like it at all but, fortunately, the journey is very short.

I think Chip approved of the beds!

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