Trip report day 2

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As always, the plan to get up early and make it to the parks for opening time didn’t work out. When the parks opened at 8.30am, Chip was still fast asleep! I decided it was better to arrive later than have her tired and grumpy.

Breakfast was good, although we rushed as wanted to get to the parks. There was a good selection of cereal, croissants, pain au chocolates, rolls, cheese, ham and fruits, as well as yoghurts and drinks.

Chip wanted to go on some rides first so we went straight to Dumbo and then to Casey Junior and the Storybook boats. They all had short queues and took around 10 minutes each.

I couldn’t believe that we still hadn’t met any characters so headed to Adventureland. The plan was to see Aladdin and Jasmine but found Jafar there instead, who Chip is terrified of! We walked straight passed and found King Louie and Balou from Jungle Book. I couldn’t believe it when we got near the front and she burst into tears and didn’t want to meet them – that has never happened before and I was worried she had suddenly stopped liking characters. It’s soon became clear that she was just exhausted. She got in the pushchair and had a little rest only for us to bump into Jafar again – I’m beginning to think he was stalking us! This led to more tears. Not the best hour, but it can’t always be perfect.

A little later, after wandering round Adventureland for a while for her to rest, we went to see Pluto. I was so relieved when she ran to him like her normal self. It felt strange seeing Pluto in Chip and Dale’s usual spot. I’ve missed my favourite Chipmunks so far this trip, although we are assured we will see them before we leave.

We decided to head back to Main Street as we were meeting my friend and her children again. As we left Adventureland the Christmas Parade was just going passed and we ended up following it down Main Street. It was magical, the music is fantastic this year and we danced and sang all the way. I must admit to having a little tear in my eye, especially when it started to snow.

We spotted the queue for Marie wasn’t too long and so joined the queue. Chip loved her and gave her some chocolates.

As we left Marie, the Christmas Parade was starting again and so we watched the whole parade properly. I loved it even more than before. Chip was so excited, waving and dancing – true Disney magic.

Soon after the parade ended we met up with my friend and had a drink and a donut before heading to watch the Christmas Stitch show on the castle stage. The girls were both in their chipmunk costumes and got so much interaction. It was very special.

We the headed into Fantasyland to go on more rides. Chip has taken a real liking to Casey Junior and thankfully it has had a short queue each time we have been on it today. We also went on Small World and the Storybook boats again.

As it was almost Parade time, we headed to our favourite spot to watch it, near the end. We sat on our blanket on the curb and had a little picnic with snacks we had taken. Chip ended up making friends with a little girl who was waiting next to us. The parade was lovely and the music is starting to grow on me, although I still prefer Magic Everywhere.

After the parade, we headed to the village and went to Earl of Sandwich. It was quick, easy and delicious as always.

I had booked at spot for the VIP area for Infinity Pass holders but messed up. For some reason I thought the parks closed at 8pm tonight and so was surprised when it was already starting when we reached the park. There was no way we would have made it to the viewing area so watched from a distance. We have reservations for the next 2 nights so not worried about not making it tonight.

Then we did it! We finally got the ‘last person’ photos! Amazingly, while we were waiting for everyone to leave, the little girl Chip had been playing with at the parade came over to play again, with her family. It passed the time nicely while we waited.

A lovely end to another lovely day!

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