Trip report day 1

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Today has mostly been travelling and but I will do a short trip report anyway.

We arrived at Ebbsfleet station around 8.30am, it turned out to be a little too early as was through passport control and security within minutes. Better to be early than late though, and Chip played really nicely, and made new friends in the Departure Lounge.

We boarded the train and was kindly helped on with our bags. It turned out to be completely stress free, after I had been worrying about how I would manage on my own with 3 bags and a toddler.

We received our first bit of Pixie Dust on the train when Chip was given a croissant and yoghurt. I had booked to go in Standard Premier as there was hardly any price difference between that an standard, and as I only had to pay for myself, it wasn’t too expensive. Under 4’s go free but are not allocated a seat or given refreshments – Chip was lucky enough to get both. The journey passed quickly, thanks to Chip making friends with a little girl sitting near us, and ended up sitting with her playing games.

On arrival we headed straight for the shuttle bus to the Explorers Hotel. This was the most stressful part of the day. It was crazily busy and I really struggled to get on with 3 bags and a little one. I managed to accidentally bash Chip in the face with a bag, which resulted in her screaming the entire journey. Luckily check in was fast and easy, and our room is on the same level as reception. I will do a separate report on the hotel but I do really like it.

After a quick freshen up we jumped back on the dreaded shuttle bus and headed back to the parks where we met a lovely lady who had Pixie Dusted us a pushchair. We had arranged it in advance and was so pleased it worked out as would have really struggled without one. We then had a quick ride on the teacups as we had been on the go all day but hadn’t actually done anything by this point.

Chip was in her chip costume, of course, and as we walked round the side of the castle to the Annual Pass office we had to walk down the parade route and had Cast Members waving and shouting to her. Switching my paper pass for the official card one was quick and easy as they already had all my details on file.

Waiting outside for us was my friend and her little girl who had come to meet us. Both girls had chipmunk costumes on and the attention they received was crazy. We even had people asking if they could have their photos taken with them! I must admit they looked unbelievably cute running around together.

We bumped into City Hall to book a place in the VIP area for the parade and for Illuminations with Infinity Pass. The Cast Members in there loved the girls in their costumes. They gave all the children badges and picture frames, and a voucher for us all to ride Small World without queuing. We gave them some of our little bags of chocolates.

By the time we left City Hall, the parade had already started on Main Street, amazingly we managed to still find a space at the front right at the end of the route, near the gates. We do love the parade but still don’t love it as much as Magic on Parade. The floats are amazing, but it lacks the interaction of the old parade.

My friend had been Pixie Dusted some meal vouchers so we headed out to Annette’s Diner for tea, where we had lovely food, but very slow service. Luckily the slow service didn’t affect us because we had good company to enjoy.

I had planned to head back into the parks for Illuminations but Chip was exhausted and I decided it would be a better idea to have a bath and a good sleep ready for a busy full day tomorrow.

So great to be back in my happy place and so much Pixie Dust already, tomorrow we will be taking our bag of treats to share the magic 😍

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