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One of the questions I get asked all the time is “when is the best time to go?” Well there isn’t an easy answer, it depends on your circumstances and what you like.

I would always look at the different seasons first and see which is the most appealing. For 2018 the seasons are: Season of the Force (Star Wars), Princesses and Pirates, Marvel Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

My next question would be to ask if you can travel during term time or if you have to stick to the School Holidays. Travelling midweek during term time is always cheaper and quieter.

If you look at the table above it shows the crowd levels with green being the quietest times to visit, through to black which means the park is incredibly busy.

I have visited the park at various different times of the year and I have to say that my favourite time to visit is late November/early December when the Christmas season has started but the crowd levels are still comfortable.

I am also a fan of visiting in January, February (not at half term) and March. The parks tend to be super quiet at these times and it is so lovely to be able to walk straight onto rides without big queues. If you do visit during this time you do need to be prepared for the cold and also that some attractions may close for refurbishment.

Happy planning ……

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