Eating at Disneyland Paris as a Vegetarian or Vegan

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Visiting Disneyland Paris as a Vegetarian or Vegan does not mean that you have to exist on a diet of salad and chips.  There is actually quite a wide range of different places that you might find enjoyable.


Buffet restaurants are a good option for many people.  All of the buffets have a range of food suitable to Vegetarian and Vegans.  All of the buffets have a salad bar, potatoes, pasta or spaghetti, rice dishes, vegetable dishes and a wide range of desserts.  Agrabah, in particular, has a good range including vegetable tagine, pitta breads, hummus, cous-cous, olives and wrapped leaves.  Please be aware that often vegetables are cooked in butter.  I would advise asking the chef if unsure of the contents of a dish.


All table service restaurants should have a vegetarian option.  Most are very accommodating if you speak to them with special requests.  On one of our visits, the rest of our party wanted to eat at Chez Remy, but my vegetarian friend didn’t like the sound of the tofu and vegetable dish on the menu.  She spoke to the waiter and they made her a pasta dish instead.

Walts have recently released a new vegetarian set menu.  This is shown below and could easily be made vegan by asking for food not to be cooked in butter, with cheese etc.


There is a vegetarian option at every counter service restaurant.  Many do veggie burgers, which can be made vegan by asking for it without cheese.  There are also several counter service restaurants offering meat free pizzas and pastas.


There are quite a few good options for eating as a Vegetarian or Vegan in the Disney Village including at the following places:

Vapiano – This is an Italian Restaurant that offers a great range of different options.  Food is cooked to order so can be requested exactly as you want it.  Good options include soups, risotto, pizzas and pastas.

Planet Hollywood – This was a favorite place to eat for my vegetarian friend, along with Annette’s Diner.  She loved the potato skins, bruschetta, nachos, veggie burgers and fries.

Annette’s Diner – There are plenty of vegetarian options at Annettes including hash brown sticks, onion rings, coleslaw, veggie burger, soya burger, salads and a lovely range of deserts.

Rainforest Cafe – Vegetarian options include soup, onion rings, garlic bread, veggie burgers and pasta dishes.

Starbucks offers soya milk for vegan customers.


The vegetarian option at BBWWS is tortilla chips, vegetarian bean chilli, cornbread, potatoes, corn on the cob, pasta, vegetables and apple cobbler and ice cream.

You are allowed to take your own snacks and drinks in to the parks so this could be an option for any fussy eaters.  There are also plenty of sweet treats and snacks suitable for vegetarians, and I have been told the the popcorn is vegan!




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