Stars on Parade

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Stars on Parade is the main parade at Disneyland Paris. The times can vary depending on the season and park closing time, so please check the programme on arrival. The current time is 5pm.

The parade starts from the gates near pizzeria Bella Notte and works it’s way past the castle and down Main Street, before ending at town square.

It is highly advisable to get a spot, to watch the parade, in plenty of time as it does get very busy. It is the perfect time to have a drink and a snack while you wait.

There are special reserved areas for both disabled visitors and Infinity annual pass holders.

Make sure you give all your favourite characters a big wave and enjoy the interaction.

Top tips: Try and think where to stand in advance. Standing near the castle gives you great photos of the castle in the background. Standing on a corner where you can see the parade coming towards you is much better than being on an inside corner where your view is limited.

Most of all enjoy – it’s magic!

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