Preparing for DLP on a rainy Monday afternoon!

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3 weeks today and we will be travelling down to Ebbsfleet to catch the Eurostar. Nanny is in charge of Chip and Tink today, while Mummy is at work. The weather is awful so I thought we could get the craft box out and make some cards to give our favourite characters and cast members.

Making cards, drawing pictures, making gifts is a lovely way of preparing little ones for a trip and characters love to receive them. It makes for extra special interaction and breaks the ice for any shy little ones.

It took quite a while to choose photos that she wanted to use, as you can see from the video. She started with Flynn, he has loved him since she was tiny!

We managed to make the first 5 cards before we had to stop due to Tink getting tired and fed up (and trying to eat pencils, glitter, feathers). It’s a good job we have 3 weeks to finish them all!

I am so pleased with the finished result. Chip put so much effort into them all. I am sure the characters will love them.

My favourite part has to he her drawing of Mike Wazowski, compete with wobbly eye 😍

Once all the cards are made we plan to start on some little bags of chocolates to Pixie Dust – that’s if Grandad doesn’t get his hands on them first!

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