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Since we first took Chip to Disneyland Paris at 18 months old, she has always been terrified of Jafar. When I say terrified, I mean really terrified, to the point that she would sob at seeing him even from a distance. She adores Aladdin and Jasmine but is reluctant to wear her Jasmine costume in case Jafar spots her.

More recently, since that arrival of the new parade she has been really scared of the Thorns (the scary looking things fighting the Prince from Sleeping Beauty).

Here is where the magic happens. We were watching the parade on our recent trip and Prince Phillip came over to us. Chip was backing away and I explained that she was really scared of them. Prince Phillip was amazing and told her that she mustn’t be scared and that he would protect her!

We have told her over and over again that they are not really scary, wouldn’t hurt her etc but it hadn’t helped. Amazingly after speaking to the Prince she announced that she wasn’t scared anymore. She actually watched the next two days without hiding when they passed us!

A second piece of magic happened with Aladdin. We very cheekily stopped and asked the Cast Member with Aladdin if we could give her a card Chip had made for Aladdin. We didn’t have time to queue as were running late for our very important date with Chip and Dale in the other park. The Cast Member called Aladdin over and Chip explained that she had drawn him a picture of ‘scary Mousky Mousky’ (Mike from Monsters Inc) to use to scare away Jafar.

Aladdin was amazing, he thanked her and hugged her and said it was a very good idea and that Jafar would cry like a baby. She thought he was hilarious and was very proud of her idea.

Now I’m certain that she still wouldn’t want to meet Jafar, but this has had a huge impact on her. She proudly tells anyone who will listen that Aladdin thought she had a very good idea, and that Jafar will cry like a baby. We might just even get her to wear her Jasmine costume on our next trip.

I am so grateful that her fears have been magicked away. I think this is a real example of pixie dust. Pixie dust doesn’t have to be a free item, sometimes just kind words and special interaction is the best kind.

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