Eurostar from Ebbsfleet to Disneyland Paris

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Most people who travel by Eurostar depart from St Pancras station in London. Personally, I much prefer to depart from Ebbsfleet station.

Ebbsfleet is close to the motorway and to the Dartford crossing which makes reaching the station very easy, compared to driving in London traffic. Of course, if you are travelling to London by train, that might still be a better option for you.

Ebbsfleet has 4 car parks, all of which, are within easy walking distance to the terminal. We parked in car park A and prepaid, so could just use the barriers that recognise your number plate to open.

On entering the building you just need to go to the Eurostar desk to collect your tickets, unless you have already printed them. There are toilets and a Marks and Spencer shop in this area.

Once the check in desk is open, you scan your tickets and walk through to passport control. First you show your passport to UK passport control before going through security and then French passport control.

Once through passport control and security you enter the departure lounge. There is plenty of seating, children’s toys, a WH Smith and a Cafe Nero as well as toilets.

Boarding is very easy, the train arrivals are announced both on a tv screen and also over the tannoy. There are both escalators and a lift to reach the platforms which are clearly marked to find where to stand for your carriage.

We were fortunate enough to be upgraded to Standard Premier on our outbound journey. Under 4’s are not guaranteed a seat but can use any spare ones that are available.

Food and drinks were provided and the train had charging sockets and WiFi, although this isn’t available on all trains yet.

For me, the best thing about using Eurostar is arriving right on the doorstep of Disneyland so your holiday can begin straight away!

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