Little Chipmunk plays hide and seek with her best friends!

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Yesterday our dreams came true at the most magical place on earth. Little Chip spent the most amazing time playing hide and seek with her best friends.

Once they finished their games they went for a really long walk all around the Walt Disney Studios.

The cheeky trio found a motorbike and sidecar, around the back of the park, near Cafe des Cascadeurs, and decided to play on it!

It was so quiet round that part of the park that they had time to play for ages and were having fun doing Hi-5, fist bumps and tickles before having to head back.

After lots of photos, hugs and kisses, we said our goodbyes. It had quite honestly been one of the most special moments in our lives that we will remember forever. Disneyland Paris and especially Chip and Dale have stolen a massive part of our hearts.

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