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Vapiano is one of the newest additions to the Disney Village. It is a modern, stylish restaurant serving Italian cuisine.

The ordering system is quite confusing to begin with. You are given a card on entering which you scan at the food counters, adding them to your bill.

There are different counters to order different types of food from, this does make it slightly awkward if you are ordering for a family who want different things. I queued for pizza and was given a buzzer that would buzz when it was ready. I was actually still in the queue to order pasta when the pizza buzzer went off!

The food was very nice and was all freshly cooked. The prices were very reasonable, by Disneyland standards and we all enjoyed it.

There is plenty of seating upstairs with lovely views of the studios and the Tower of Terror. There is a small children’s play area upstairs as well as toilets.

Once you have finished your meal, you pay at the desk near the entrance. They scan your card which shows them everything you had. The payment system was quick and simple.

My overall first impression was good, however, I wasn’t keen on the queuing system.

For individuals or families who are all eating from the same counter then I would say it is great. For myself, who often travels alone with a young child, it isn’t ideal and I would prefer to be seated and have my order taken. For decor, theming and food, I would definitely recommend it.

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