A new Pixie Dust idea for the summer months

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I have previously written posts about taking small items of ‘pixie dust’ to give to Cast Members, who go above and beyond, to make our trip more special.  Our usual item, to give as pixie dust, is Cadbury’s chocolate, because I know how much many of the British cast members miss it.

With our next trip being in the summer, I was worried that chocolate would melt in the heat.  After much thought, I decided to have some small packets of Love Heart sweets personalised for our trip.  They are only a small token of thanks, but are so cute.

Sadly we didn’t find anyone that had a Chip and Dale picture to use, but we love these Minnie Mouse labels.  For £9.99 for 40 small packets, it isn’t the cheapest option but I love the personalised touch.

We have been lucky enough to receive some very special pixie dust on previous visit, this is our way of giving a little back.


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