Trip report – day 1

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I can honestly say the today has been none of my favourite Disney days ever, and we didn’t even arrive until the afternoon!

We travelled by Eurostar, changing at Lille. The time passed quickly and, apart from a few minutes of struggling to carry cases etc upstairs on the TGV, the journey was very easy and stress free.

On arrival, we dropped our bags into guest storage and headed straight into the parks. It was extremely hot and very busy. Chip was wearing her Tinkerbelle dress so we headed for the Peter Pan ride.

Our next mission was to meet Jessie. Chip had made her a card and was desperate to see her so, after a quick costume change, we headed over to meet her. We couldn’t believe our luck when Woody turned up too. The interaction was amazing.

While we were in the queue for Jessie, I received a message from a friend of ours who was working with Pluto. As it happened, Chip is a bit obsessed with dogs and had taken a dog ball for Rebecca’s dog. It was sheer luck that she happened to be with Pluto and they ended up playing fetch. It was such great fun.

After a quick ride on Buzz, we headed to Gibson Girl to get ice cream to eat while watching the Princess Waltz. The queue in there was moving so slowly that we missed the first show and had to wait for the next one.

The parks were so busy that the pavements were already starting to fill up with people waiting for the parade, an hour before it was due to begin. We decided to walk down to Town Square to find a spot to sit and wait while having a drink and a rest.

The parade was brilliant. All the other children at the front were sat down watching, our Chip was dancing and waving, having so much fun. So many characters spotted her and came over to say hello, it was very special.

After the parade we left to meet our friends that we are staying with. The children were so pleased to see each other, they found a new burst of energy and played together before having a lovely tea and ice creams before bed.

The perfect end to a perfect day.

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