Trip report – day 2

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We started the day with a few rides. Chip loves Casey Junior runaway train so we headed there first and it was really quiet. As we got off, she asked to go on again and a lovely Cast Member showed us to the front of the train and put us straight back on again. We ended up going on 4 times before I persuaded her to try something else. We went on the Storybook boats and then Peter Pan.

As she was wearing her Tinkerbelle dress, I managed to bribe her (with ice cream) to go and meet Peter Pan and Wendy. Although she loves characters, she has never been overly keen on ones that talk. She prefers her furry friends. I am so pleased she did as the interaction was brilliant. Our friends had joined us by this time and both girls were in their Tinkerbelle dresses. They pretended to fly to Neverland and ran around looking at their shadows.

Our next stop was Aladdin and Jasmine. Meeting them was a huge thing, Chip loves Aladdin, but is terrified of Jafar, and usually refuses to wear her Jasmine costume in case Jafar sees her. We managed to get her to put it on just to see Aladdin, and then take it straight off so Jafar didn’t see her. Both Aladdin and Jasmine were lovely and Aladdin said he remembered us from our last trip where she met him dressed as a Chipmunk.

Our Cast Member friend had told us that she was with Daisy Duck so we headed off to meet her. Daisy was fun but Chip loved seeing Rebecca more.

One character that we have struggled to find on many trips is Stitch, and he is a real favourite. We knew he was in the 25th Anniversary show so decided to put on the Lilo costumes and try to meet Stitch. The weather was so hot by this point that we made a stop for Ice Creams, and ate them while waiting for the show.

Stitch spotted the girls in their Lilo dresses and ran off the stage to hug them, it was amazing, only I wasn’t expecting it and didn’t get a photo in time. We knew where the characters left the park so raced over to the gates to try and get a photo with him. This would have been perfect had the girls not seen the Chipmunks first. Chip forgot all about Stitch the second she saw her best friend Dale. Luckily Stitch waited for a cuddle.

By this time the little ones were getting too hot and tired, so we decided to go and do a few more rides before the parade. It was nice to sit and relax on Small World and we did Casey Junior and Peter Pan again. Chip would have liked to have gone on Dumbo but the queues were too long.

As it reached parade time we had a bunch of extremely tired little people so we decided to wait for the parade and then leave. The parade was great as always but we missed seeing our friend, who was working elsewhere that day. I knew Chip was really tired as she decided to watch it sat in the pushchair.

Chip fell asleep before we even got out of the park so I decided to nip into the Disneyland Hotel to book Princess for a Day for my friend. We then headed back to my friends house. After a sleep, Chip was raring to go again so we headed to Pizza Hut for tea. It was so nice to eat in a peaceful, air conditioned restaurant after such a busy day in the sunshine.

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