Month: August 2018

Legends of the Force: A celebration of Star Wars

Exciting breaking news – this celebration of Star Wars will be available to guests in BOTH parks. * Guests will be able to meet Chewbacca *BB-8 and Boba Fett will join the Star Wars show, A distant galaxy far away. *The season will run from January to March. *More surprises to be announced …..

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Vegetarian/fussy eater help wanted

In a few weeks time I will be visiting Disneyland Paris, with a small group of clients with learning difficulties. Three of the girls love food and will eat almost anything, however, one is very fussy and doesn’t eat meat. She will eat fish but only ‘chip shop’ style fish, and fish fingers. She would […]


Disneyland Paris with young children

I often see posts asking if it is worth taking toddlers and young children to Disneyland.  My reply is always a huge great YES, usually accompanied by a magical photo or video.  We have taken Chip from being 19 months old and now at just turned 4, she has visited 7 times. We have also […]

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