Vegetarian/fussy eater help wanted

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In a few weeks time I will be visiting Disneyland Paris, with a small group of clients with learning difficulties. Three of the girls love food and will eat almost anything, however, one is very fussy and doesn’t eat meat. She will eat fish but only ‘chip shop’ style fish, and fish fingers. She would really have been better with counter service meals, but we had the half board free as part of our package.

As much as I have plenty of experience with eating at Disneyland, I am a bit stumped as where is best to book that everyone will enjoy. The other girls have been before and loved Chez Remy and the Steakhouse, which obviously aren’t ideal for our fussy lady.

We will have 4 days of half board plus vouchers and have already booked Inventions Brunch (paying the difference). I would love to hear your opinions of where best to book. Any ideas of how to keep everyone happy?

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