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Having visited Disneyland Paris alone, with family and as a carer I advise you on the best way to get around easily.

Eurostar from Ebbsfleet to Disneyland Paris

Most people who travel by Eurostar depart from St Pancras station in London. Personally, I much prefer to depart from Ebbsfleet station. Ebbsfleet is close to the motorway and to the Dartford crossing which makes reaching the station very easy, compared to driving in London traffic. Of course, if you are travelling to London by […]

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Eurostar cancellations 3/4/18 and 4/4/18

Eurostar have now announced that the following services have been cancelled due to the French rail strikes. For anyone concerned or affected by these cancellations, please contact eurostar on 0343 218 6186.

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Disruption to Eurostar services due to French rail strike

A wave of rolling strikes have been announced by French rail workers, starting in March and running right through to June.  Eurostar have announced that some of their services will be affected and trains could be cancelled.  They have said that they will run as many services as they can but will publish any cancellations […]

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Indirect Eurostar

For anyone worried about taking the indirect Eurostar, I can honestly assure you that it is very easy. We boarded the train at Ebbsfleet and just an hour and 11 minutes later we were arriving in Lille Europe. We departed the train and went up the escalator to the main station. If your connecting train […]

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Different ways to travel to Disneyland Paris

I am often asked by people what the best way to travel to Disneyland Paris is and, unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Each way has its positives and negatives but hopefully this guide will help you find the best option for you. DRIVING Travelling by car has real advantages but can be very tiring […]

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