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Star Wars dates confirmed

It has now been confirmed that Star Wars: Legends of the Force will run from January 12th to March 17th 2019.


Vegetarian/fussy eater help wanted

In a few weeks time I will be visiting Disneyland Paris, with a small group of clients with learning difficulties. Three of the girls love food and will eat almost anything, however, one is very fussy and doesn’t eat meat. She will eat fish but only ‘chip shop’ style fish, and fish fingers. She would […]


Disneyland Paris with young children

I often see posts asking if it is worth taking toddlers and young children to Disneyland.  My reply is always a huge great YES, usually accompanied by a magical photo or video.  We have taken Chip from being 19 months old and now at just turned 4, she has visited 7 times. We have also […]

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Trip report – day 2

We started the day with a few rides. Chip loves Casey Junior runaway train so we headed there first and it was really quiet. As we got off, she asked to go on again and a lovely Cast Member showed us to the front of the train and put us straight back on again. We […]


Marvel Summer treats

A new range of Marvel themed treats have been released for the Marvel Summer season. I have to say that they all look pretty appealing. As a huge Guardians of the Galaxy fan, I am going to have to choose the Groot shortbread as my first treat. I might be able to save my figure […]


Vapiano Disneyland Paris

Vapiano is one of the newest additions to the Disney Village. It is a modern, stylish restaurant serving Italian cuisine. The ordering system is quite confusing to begin with. You are given a card on entering which you scan at the food counters, adding them to your bill. There are different counters to order different […]

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Easter programme for the Disney Village

Special Easter events, including an Easter Egg hunt, will be being held in the Disney Village on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April. Check out the programmes below: We arrive on Monday afternoon and can’t wait to check out the special events!

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Extra attractions open in EMH

Disneyland Paris have announced that from 18th March 2018, extra rides will open during the Extra Magic Hours. Extra Magic Hours gives guests staying at Disneyland Hotels and Annual Pass holders access to the parks before they open to the public.  The parks open at 8.30am for these guests. The additional rides that will be […]

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Pizzeria Bella Notte

Bella Notte is a counter service restaurant in Fantasyland. Based on Lady and the Tramp, this charming Bistro is the perfect place to stop for some Italian inspired food. We have eaten there on a few occasions, and have enjoyed it each time. At busy times, particularly at lunchtime and before the parade is due […]

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It has just been officially announced that Aerosmith Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, will close.  It will be completely reinvented as Marvel Super Hero Universe, a high speed ride, incorporating Iron Man and the Avengers. This announcement doesn’t come as much of a surprise, with the Hotel New York being refurbished into Hotel New York – The […]

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