Keeping children occupied while queuing at Disneyland Paris

It is impossible to avoid queuing when visiting a theme park and Disneyland Paris is no different. There are, however, some handy tips to make queuing less stressful. Snacks – queuing is the perfect time to have a drink and a snack Bubbles – obviously it depends where the queue is, and how tight space […]

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Infinity Annual Pass Disneyland Paris

If you are a Disneyland Paris addict like myself, you will completely understand my excitement at buying an Infinity Pass today. The Infinity Pass is the Rolls Royce of Annual Passes and has some amazing perks. The Infinity Pass includes: Access to the parks 365 days of the year Free priority parking 20% discount in […]

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Disneyland Paris on a budget – money saving tips

Many people worry about the expense involved in visiting Disneyland Paris. This post should reassure you that you do not need to take a fortune to spend, it can be done on a budget. This post is about money saving tips once you are there, if you want help with booking a trip you will […]

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Avoiding queuing at Disneyland Paris

Everybody hates queuing but it’s impossible to avoid completely. I have got a few tips on how to reduce the amount of time wasted in queues. The best tip is to avoid weekends and school holidays but for many people this just isn’t possible so following a few of these tips might help. Fastpasses Several […]

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Favourite 5

You have heard of the famous 5, well this is the favourite 5. I am interested to share with you my favourite 5 things to do at Disneyland Paris and would love to know what yours are. 1. The Parade Yes it’s an obvious one, but you can’t visit Disneyland Paris without seeing the parade. […]


Disneyland Paris with babies and toddlers

Visiting Disneyland Paris with a baby or toddler can be quite daunting. Being prepared is the key to a successful trip and hopefully, this will be of help to you. Lots of people will probably tell you that there is no point taking little ones, they certainly said that to me the first time I […]

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Disney at Primark

It is well known that Primark is one of the leading retailers for Disney related products. They now have their new nightwear range on sale, and it hasn’t disappointed. I couldn’t resist buying these new pyjamas for the girls and thought I would share them as they look so cute. Both are lovely and soft […]

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Inventions Restaurant

Inventions is the name of the restaurant situated inside the Disneyland Hotel. It is a luxury buffet with characters. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat you can enjoy your meal with a view of the park. The decor is really interesting and is full of ‘Inventions’ – hence the name. The […]

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Information for Disabled Guests and Carers

As well as being a Disneyland addict, wife, Mum and Nanny, I also have a day job. For the past 16 years I have worked as a Community Support Worker for a fabulous charity called Linkage Community Trust. I have been privileged to make 3 visits to Disneyland Paris in a work capacity and hope […]

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Packing list for a Disneyland Paris trip

Packing for a holiday is stressful, I always worry that I have forgotten something. Hopefully this list will be helpful to you. If you have any other ideas, that I haven’t thought of, I would love to hear them. Obviously the amount you can pack depends on how you are travelling. Travelling by car is […]

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