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Little chipmunk summer costume

I am hoping that it will be warm and sunny for our trip later this month, so thought her furry costume might be a bit too warm. We have the perfect answer, we had a gorgeous chipmunk dress custom made. A lovely lady from Etsy site, Closet Geek, managed to find this fabric and made […]

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Chipmunk Friday

Due to the massive popularity of the Chip and Dale video, published on our facebook page, I have decided to spread some happiness by releasing a new Chipmunk video every Friday. We have been fortunate enough to visit Disneyland Paris on a regular basis and have had some fantastic interaction, that is guaranteed to put […]

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A Disney childhood – growing up with the Chipmunks

Our little chipmunk has now been to Disneyland Paris 6 times and she is only 3! We have been lucky enough to meet, and have fun with Chip and Dale, on every trip. It’s amazing to look back over the hundreds of photos and videos to see how much she has grown up over the […]

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Little Chipmunk plays hide and seek with her best friends!

Yesterday our dreams came true at the most magical place on earth. Little Chip spent the most amazing time playing hide and seek with her best friends. Once they finished their games they went for a really long walk all around the Walt Disney Studios. The cheeky trio found a motorbike and sidecar, around the […]

A bit of fun Trip reports and stories

Hanging out with my favourite boys!

Look who I just found! They were hiding out at the front of Animagique. So happy to see them 😍

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Little Chipmunks

This has to be one of my favourite videos. It was filmed while waiting to watch Disney Magic on Parade. We were in the Infinity Annual Pass viewing area which is great as gives you plenty of room to move around and dance. As you can see they certainly enjoyed it. As much as I […]

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Forever Jootsies – The hand painted Joot bag company (review)

About a month ago, I received a beautifully hand painted Chip and Dale bag to review. I knew exactly where and when to review it, as we had a trip to Disneyland Paris planned. This was to be my 20th trip, and my Grandaugher Chip’s 5th trip. We have had some very special interaction from […]


Favourite 5

You have heard of the famous 5, well this is the favourite 5. I am interested to share with you my favourite 5 things to do at Disneyland Paris and would love to know what yours are. 1. The Parade Yes it’s an obvious one, but you can’t visit Disneyland Paris without seeing the parade. […]


Films to watch before a Disneyland Paris visit

I am often asked who people can expect to meet at Disneyland Paris and what films to watch so that children (and parents) are more familiar with the different characters.  Firstly, I would say that it doesn’t always matter if you don’t know who a character is, one of our most special times was with […]

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A Disney bedroom and household 😍

My Daughter and her family have just moved house and, being a Disney Nanny, I offered to do the girls bedroom – well I chose things while Grandad did the hard work. Firstly Chip asked for an Ariel bedroom and then a Rapunzel one. I was very relieved when she said she wanted one with […]

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